Dev's log

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JS Hunter

Apr-8, 2018

Initiated straight coding hour. No bullshit and this sticky note thing made things much easier to know the things to be done.


Project Init

Mar-26, 2018

CVMS has to be transformed into an mega project and the Deadline has been set. React + ROR = 🔥


Misc detail

Mar-25, 2018

CVMS app was reassigned task into make your cv app. Frontend will be React with background in Rails API. Deadline has also been assigned both Hard and Soft.


CVMS detail

Feb-25, 2018

CVMS app was changed to the make-your-cv app. Lets you create the CV in form of PDF after taking details from the user.


Reset Everything

Feb-1, 2018

Cleaned all github project, especially those which are unmaintained or needs more stat-update. Although, who cares, Cheers. :)


Update Script-daily

Jan-26, 2018

Added few script files including Wordpress setup in remote DigitalOcean Machine using Docker. Also passed the travis build. :) Yikes!


Github and Repo

Jan-25, 2018

We are on to this wonderful devlog journey and thanks to the with this nice subdomain. Cheers dev! .:)